Linking business, community and government in Nambour

Tony Vella

Tony is a Consulting Surveyor and Operations Manager for Downes Group surveyors, planners. Over the last 7 years Tony has directed the Group’s leadership team to become a local mobile consultancy expanding into new service sectors and regions. Much of Tony’s 30 years experience surrounds land consulting, planning, surveying and titling advice.

Driving the surveying profession forward, Tony also presently assists the Department of Natural Resources and Mines with review of the Cadastral and Geodetic Services Systems for Queensland.

When Tony arrived in Nambour, he saw a classic Queensland town set in beautiful landscape. A place largely out of focus by government. Tony leads collaborative efforts across government, business and community for planned economic and social resurgence. He is determined to see government at all levels collaborate with business and community for a resilient plan and future that will yield a respected Nambour confidently moving forward.

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