Linking business, community and government in Nambour

Lisa Fry

Lisa loves living in Nambour and is involved in many facets of the community. Her work as Placemaker at C-Square gives her the opportunity to promote what Nambour has on offer, attracting events and visitors to our town while supporting local businesses. Her career has focused on building business success across a wide range of industries through systems development, marketing and communications.

Lisa is a promoter of the arts, always looking for opportunities that bring economic benefit to Nambour while strengthening our cultural diversity. Lisa sees that through collaboration and communication, Nambour can continue to develop into a robust community with a sustainable future. Her focus in her role on the board of the Nambour Alliance is in the areas of providing support for existing and emerging business, community communication facilitation and to advocate for the realisation of a revitalised town centre.