Linking business, community and government in Nambour

Ali Atkinson

Ali Atkinson has made Nambour her new home having relocated to Queensland from South Australia in 2016. She and her husband Ian came for a Sunday drive to Nambour from Brisbane via Montville. The moment she arrived here in Nambour she remembered having visited the Big Pineapple as a kid in the 70’s and what a wonderful experience that was. This visit was different. Ali saw a town in transition, poised for growth and transformation.

Here was a town surrounded with lush sub-tropical country with a strong and proud history that has been dealt a few blows on the economic front. She asked herself, why is this town with friendly locals, a wonderful healthy climate, affordable housing, excellent facilities, education, shopping and services, some groovy little retro shops, bars and cafes all less than 30 minutes from the beach and with regular trains to Brisbane not doing well? What’s not to like? Well as it turns out there are a few things. But Ali is not one to turn away from a challenge and being an optimist by nature she kept an open mind. Her family used to have an old holiday house in Byron Bay when she was young and she had witnessed it move from a “dirty old fishing village with sharks” to become a playground for the rich and famous. She’d also seen Adelaide take on Melbourne in a fight for the title of Australia’s coolest city (they’re still at it by the way) and plenty more examples of towns who have reinvented themselves.

Anyway, on that fateful Sunday drive she spotted a truly gorgeous old Queenslander for sale and knew she’d found her forever home and so convinced Ian that they had to buy it. She is in marketing and has been in the field for over 25 years so she has learned a thing or two about being persuasive. A big picture strategic thinker, Ali also based her new marketing and communications agency ‘Short Sharp and Shiny’, here in Nambour where she services clients around Australia. She really has jumped into Nambour boots and all.

To cut a long story short, Ali wants to contribute to her new community and has joined the Nambour Alliance Board to do that. She has a strong background working with small to medium business enterprises, government, agribusiness, NFP, and working on strategies for regional economic development. She has a diverse range of valuable skills and experience that she brings to the Board. Ali sits on two sub-committees – the Nambour Alliance Marketing Sub-Committee and the Nambour Economic Transition Strategy Sub-Committee. For more information about Ali visit her website and/or

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