Proprietor Nambour Bag Shop, Currie Street, Nambour

Tim is a very busy man. He and his wife Leanne own and operate the Nambour Bag Shop on the corner of Currie St and Lowe St, and which to date has been in operation for around 40 years. They have owned the business since 2003. Timothy also operates a small business management consultancy business, which involves working with small businesses to establish their company accounting systems, formulating budgets and cash flow forecasts, quality assurance compliance and all compliance reporting, including BAS and superannuation.

Initially, Tim was invited to the Board as a result of an unexpected vacancy, however, once he became familiar with the work of the board and the fact that he believed that the Board was making a significant difference to our community Tim was committed to remaining a part of the Alliance in some form. He feels a sense of personal satisfaction that as a group we are making a difference in Nambour.

Timothy’s vision for Nambour is as a vibrant hub for small business. He would like to see the Sunshine Coast Council move closer to the coast and the building they currently occupy converted into a University Campus. Timothy believes that the location is ideal with its position close to the Rail/Bus interchange and the Library. The change to Nambour with four or five thousand students in town would be incredible for the business community.

Tim appreciates the deep sense of community in Nambour. Timothy was born in the Nambour Hospital not long after his parents moved here in 1952 and he has grown up in this community, firstly participating in a number of community and sporting clubs and then graduating to the management of sports teams and the clubs themselves. He married a local girl who was also born in Nambour, we have two grown boys who are now married. Tim and Lee-anne are the very proud grandparents of two beautiful grand-daughters and one grandson whom they adore.

PO Box 131
Nambour  QLD  4560