Marty Hunt

Marty has been a Police Officer for the past 28 years and was appointed full time to the PCYC in Nambour 15 years ago.

Marty became a member of the Nambour Alliance as he felt that his connections in the community sector, along with his experience in running a large community organisation would be a valuable asset to the board.  Part of his role is to do what he can for community development and being a board member of the Alliance allows Marty to offer the community and social capital behind the PCYC and also to tap into the support of the business community in return.

Marty feels that Nambour has a bright future.  He would like it to be somewhere that has a great reputation for being a family friendly environment with a strong sense of community.  Somewhere that Sunshine Coast people travel to for day trips to catch a tram, have a coffee and go out for a show.

Marty finds that the most appealing thing about Nambour is the people and also the rich Indigenous Culture he has come to learn a lot about.  A community minded and loyal bunch who never give up, always look at the positives of the community and believe in continual improvement.

Marty has lived in the Rosemount area with his wife and two daughters for about 20 years and in his spare time (when he isn’t at Netball with the girls) he likes to fish in the Maroochy River.

Marty is also a professional musician who plays solo acoustic piano/vocals and keyboards at various Sunshine Coast venues and also in a new local 50/60s band called “Darlin’ & the Midnight Delights”.  You may have seen him during his weekly gig at the Nambour Club Hotel bistro before its closure and redevelopment.