Mark Bray

Mark is a solicitor and the owner of Bradley & Bray Solicitors Nambour since 1986. His practice is located on Ann St.

Mark joined the Nambour Alliance because he wanted to take a closer interest in what is happening in Nambour. Mark also enjoy the interaction with the other board members. He moved to Rosemont about 5 years ago after living down on the coast for many years and feels that Nambour is a cool place and he is looking forward to being involved in its growth moving forward.

Mark feels that it is important the Nambour retains its country feel and is able to provide a point of difference to the beach and the other coastal locations in the region. Mark loves the fact that you can get anything you need in Nambour very easily.

Mark is single and has one daughter, Megan who is 24.  I have worked in Nambour since 1980, and owned the practice since 1986. Mark enjoys bike riding, exercise generally, staying healthy, spending time with friends, and he is also a singer in a band.