Hayley Saunders

Hayley travels to Nambour for her role as the Manager of the Bendigo Bank branch on Lowe St.

Hayley initially joined the board as there has always been a representative from Bendigo Bank on the Alliance, and since joining she has gained a much greater appreciation of the wonderful sense of community which is apparent in town.

Hayley previously participated in the Nambour Creative Commerce group which aimed to fill empty shops with creative retail businesses. Her favourite part of Nambour is all the great, eclectic little stores that are dotted around town. She loves the fact that after finishing work at 5 she can pop into a funky little bar, order a quick pizza and then catch a fantastic movie at the Cinema.

Joining the Alliance has enabled Hayley to gain a better understating of the bigger picture issues facing the community, both environmental, and social, and she is in awe of the wonderful work being done around town to plan for the future. She really appreciated the fact that there are people willing to work tirelessly on causes that they feel passionate about.

Bendigo Bank firmly believes in giving back to the communities in which we operate and being a board member of the Alliance is one of the many ways Hayley is able to contribute.

Hayley has been on the Sunshine Coast since 2000 after moving back from a ten year period overseas in countries such as Russia and Greece, and a few years on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

Hayley is married to Andrew and she has an adult son, Zach, and a stepson, Jack who is nearly 11.