TramFest is a fundraiser event that aims to raise much needed funds required to get the Tram up and running in Nambour.

This event is kindly sponsored by many local businesses and is supported by a large volunteer team.  Nambour Alliance was previously responsible for the event however it is now managed by The Nambour Tramway Company Ltd.

What is TramFest? It’s a Food, Music and Craft event that is chilled out, heaps of fun and vibrant. It is held on Howard Street in Nambour, the site of the heritage listed tracks, where the road is closed for the event.

Why does the community want a tram? The tram will encourage tourism, it will be a mode of transport for many from one end of Nambour’s retail area to the other, it will be a focal point for the town and will be our point of difference on the Sunshine Coast helping to solidify our identity as a strong thriving township.

The council have confirmed that they will allocate $1.5 Million towards the project, but the community needs to raise the extra $600K required to get the project off the ground. Tramfest is one of many activities planned to help raise those funds, so please come along and support this event so we can get the Tram to Nambour.

In 2017 the event will be held four times, weather permitting.  Check the dates


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