Linking business, community and government in Nambour

James Hall

James Hall is the priest at the Anglican Church in Nambour, and has been living locally for the past 8 years. He is also the chair of the Nambour Ministers Fraternal.

James is passionate about our community and enjoys participating in an organisation that works to bring the business community together with the council and the wider community. James feels that as a church leader his strength is building communities and is keen to see our Nambour community strengthened.

James would like to see the Nambour community grow together, with great communication and collaboration right across our wonderful community, and where we are able to work together to help find community solutions. He (like most of us) would also love to see every shop front filled and streets buzzing with activity.

James is married to Helen and they have four children. They love the friendly nature of our town, the great coffee shops and unique opportunities. In his spare time James enjoys fishing and working on cars.